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Wonder what Orby is all about and what we represent?  Want to understand what makes us tick and what we're passionate about? Here it is.

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When we first started, we were very focused on a specific product from Microsoft called Customer Relationship Management, also known as Microsoft CRM or MSCRM for short.  We aligned to the product so much we even used the product name as part of our business name.  We knew the product inside and out and leveraged it in various ways.  Our name and technical expertise helped us to get started in the market, gain momentum, and continuously grow.

As time passed, Microsoft have made big changes in the product we know and love, including changing the name from CRM to Power Platform and Dynamics 365.  The product has grown and has a lot more capabilities now, as do we. So being the dynamic company we are, we decided it was time for an upgrade.

After brainstorming and careful consideration of our core values, we selected the name Orby.  An Orb is a perfect sphere representing an endless set of circles.  These shapes reflect in several ways how we work and operate.  From our agile delivery methodology that rolls with our customers' needs in any direction and seeks constant feedback to provide a better solution, to our support services that keep your business moving wherever needed.  The sound Orby also can also make you think of being in orbit, and we feel we orbit around our customers and provide them what they need from many directions.  At Orby we are dedicated to ensuring our customers always get maximum value. 


In some cultures Orby also means "the light within".  At Orby together with our customers, we focus on the people. We understand that people are the light within the business.  By empowering individuals and letting them unleash the light within them, businesses can truly strive for success.  We pride ourselves at helping that light shine bright.

We deliver value and passionately value delivering!

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We are professional problem solvers.

We don’t just solve problems, we do it on a day-to-day basis and provide the best solutions possible.  Whenever there is a challenge or a problem, we will understand it, come up with different ways to solve it, think it through, and provide the most suitable solution.

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We communicate effectively.

Listening, understanding, validating by asking relevant questions, proposing possible options, scenarios and solutions are all part of effectively understanding what our customers want and what we will provide.

We are passionate about what we do.

We are passionate about the Power Platform and about the systems we implement.  We are passionate about understanding a customer need and delivering a working solution. We are passionate about making an impact for our customers.

Some of our customers

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